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Education Toolkit

Green infrastructure practices have been installed in various projects across the Omaha metro area. Many of these projects can be found on or within close proximity to schools. This creates a unique opportunity for both educators and administrators to incorporate green infrastructure principles and practices into daily curriculum, which can provide crucial hands-on learning experiences for students. Green infrastructure can be used to not only teach specific science and math standards, but also include technology, engineering, and art topics. This education toolkit consists of a variety of educational information to create awareness of green infrastructure and how to incorporate these real-world applications into classroom activities.

Looking for examples of Green Infrastructure at schools? Check out Dundee ElementaryCreighton Prep, Saddlebrook Elementary, Benson High School, and the University of Nebraska-Omaha. Interested in looking at more Green Infrastructure sites in Omaha, download the Omaha Green Infrastructure Sites map.


Lesson Plans

Below you will find a few example lesson plans specific to Nebraska curriculum standards and a few links to other outside lesson plans.

Are we missing anything? Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or would like us to add something else. Thanks!! Contact us.

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