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The monitoring program, which follows the requirements described in the NPDES Permit, includes water quality sampling of four sites along the Papillion Creek System. Monitoring data is utilized to evaluate stormwater management practices in the City of Omaha and their impact on local waterways, effectiveness of pollution control measures, the sources of pollution and the overall health of local waterways.

The program also requires the City to use stream samples collected one day a week in both dry weather and wet weather from the months of May through August. These samples will be analyzed for the following parameters: BOD5, TSS, ammonia nitrogen, nitrate-nitrogen, total nitrogen, soluble and total phosphorus, turbidity, pH, E coli. Physical characteristic examinations will also be conducted to estimate the pollutant masses discharged both on an event basis and an annual basis.

More information about river monitoring can be found by viewing the Annual Report submitted by the City of Omaha to the NDEQ.


Stream Sampling Site B


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